A new way of luxury

森 Mori = Forest in Japanese

In Japanese aesthetics, the perception of beauty also depends on whether a product is in harmony with nature. We recognize ourselves in the Wabi-Sabi tradition which teaches us to rest in an imperfect world and experience the "here and now".

In our restless 24/7 culture and our fast-moving consumption we lose an emotional, appreciative contact to products but also the connection to ourselves.

The brand mori restores these connections by creating relationships with selected manufacturers and people who value timeless design and perceive quality as sustainable. People who recognize the core of truth and value in carefully handcrafted products and thus turn daily moments into special moments.

Analogue, sensual, mindful and decelerated. That is a morimoment. And to be able and willing to invest in this quality of life is a new form of luxury.

Our personal morimoment

Our personal morimoment

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